General Information

Italy-Japan Workshop is an initiative, sponsored by the Embassy of Italy in Japan, in which a specific theme related to robotics is discussed and analysed involving the governments, universities, research centres, and industries of both countries. Italy-Japan Workshop has been organised since 2001 by Waseda University, of the most important scientific partners for Italy, with the collaboration of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. In this event, Italian and Japanese distinguished speakers share their experiences and their visions, while a selected number of Japanese and Italian companies are invited to show and demonstrate their products.
In this year, the contents will specifically focus on the impact of robotics on the world economy. Nowadays, both Italy and Japan are facing increasing struggles as stagnation and even recession are afflicting both countries. Investments in robotics through academia, startups and finally industry are an opportunity to revitalise the economy and overcome the crisis. Robots can potentially be a solution to some of the problems that are hindering both countries' development in the near future, whereas the implications of the use of robots in the society and their effect on employment have also to be considered.