Masazumi Wakatabe


Waseda University,
Tokyo, Japan


Do Economists Dream of Artificial Intelligence? Preparing for the Rise of the Robots


I am a Professor of Economics at Waseda University in Japan, and have been a visiting fellow at the Center on Japanese Economy and Business at Columbia University in the past three years. I have been closely following Japan’s economic and monetary policy and my comments have been featured on various media outlets such as NHK and the Financial Times. Trained as a historian of economic thought, I comment on current topics in the Japanese economy with a historical perspective. I have published several books in Japanese, including one with Koichi Hamada, current advisor to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The book entitled Studies on the Showa Depression, edited by Kikuo Iwata, to which I contributed, was awarded the Nikkei Best Book of Economics and Business in 2004. My most recent book, Japan's Great Stagnation and Abenomics (PalgraveMacmillan), is published in April 2015.